Himalaya is a well-known range of mountain for hikers. Yet, Himalaya in Myanmar is still unknown to most and the door to Myanmar Himalaya is Putao, a small and beautiful northern extreme town in Myanmar. Only accessible by flight from Yangon and Mandalay, Putao still remains untouched by world travelers today.

The surrounding area of evergreen forest is unique in the diversity of flora and fauna. The snowcapped mountain Pong-kan-ra-ze, 61 miles away from Putao is one of the most trekable snow-capped mountains to conquer. Throughout the road to Pong-kan-ra-zi, one can see Lisu, Rawang, Khanti-Shan and Jingphaw ethnic tribes.

 The people stand for their lives by farming and cultivated paddy in the lower plains of the valley by irrigation producing orchids, grape fruits, honey and wax. Ma Chan Baw, 19 km away from Putao, connected by Malikha suspension bridge and Mulashidee, 10 km away Putao offer fascinating view of the area. It is advisable that the visitors can adapt with the local people in terms of transport, food, accommodation and ways of life. Special travel permits is required and book this trip well in advance!

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