If your fancy is to lie on a deserted beach with unobtrusive views of the ocean,
then Ngapali is one of great beaches in Myanmar.

Ngapali is the most beautiful beach situated on the Bay of Bengal coast in Rakhine State, west coast of Myanmar facing the Indian Ocean.

It is 3 kilometers long, famous for being an unspoiled beach in South East Asia. The Ngapali is accessible by air from the capital Yangon.

The beach is unrivaled with its crystal clear water, white sand bank, swaying-with-the-wind emerald coconut forest and the air free form smoke of industries. 

Sitting in an easy-chair, basking under the sun, sipping coconut juice, gazing at the setting sun, enjoying the fluctuated waves, surely your picturesque world is right in front of your window.

You can also fish, swim, ride on a horse back, play golf,
and purchase at the souvenir shops along the bank.