Namataung- Mt. Victoria 

Of most off the beaten track is the exploration to Namataung (Mt. Victoria) which vicinity is a home to Chin tribe.

The mountainous land had prevented them from the invaders. Chin ladies with the tattooed faces is the major attraction in the villages. It is originally known as Na Ma Taung and named Mt. Victoria after the memorial present to England Queen Victoria in the British time. In local language, it is called Khaw Nou Toung (The Great Mountain or The Mountain of Spirit or The Mountain of Female). It has an area of 432 acres well-preserved by the forestry department. 

Through hiking, visitors may observe and learn about nature. They will come across broad-leaved and pine forests; useful and medicinal plants’ wild orchids; lianas-woody climbers that hang from trees; cycads which are ancient palm-like plants bearing large male and female cones’ rhododendrons.

Shrubs or small trees with large clusters of bell-shaped flowers and typically with large evergreen leaves. While most visitors adore the rhododendrons, a number of nectar-feeding birds would zone in and out of the plant as if attending a banquet. Forests that grow on top of mountains are usually lush and thick and most of the trees are thickly covered with moss and ferns. 

At a glance, it seems like these trees are wrapped with woolen sweaters to protect them from coldness and damp mist. Come prepared for the unexpected. The Nat Ma Taung region has been reopened to foreign travelers but few make the journey over the jungle track from Bagan. Treks are fully supported. It’s always good to bring memoreis back and leave your footprints there.

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