Mergui Archipelago

Mergui Archipelago reclines in Andaman Sea off the coast of southern Myanmar,
Tanintharyi Region. 

It’s comprised a group of more than 800 deserted islands that lie at the heart of our sailing area.This is Burma’s tropical paradise of Mergui Archipelago.

The British colonial name of “Mergui” still remains as opposed to the Burmese “Myeik”.While pearls and marine products from the region are sought after, it is the huge untapped potential of the archipelago as a beach and destination that could really transform the area’s economy.  

The only human residents in the area are sea gypsies, namely Salone in Myanmar. They live on boats during dry season and remain on land during rainy season. They still practice the same fishing and boat building techniques used for generation.Salone Festival is celebrate on 16th February, to promote the Salone people’s way of life and of Mergui Archipelago as a tourist Destination.