A: We have some restriction on certain limited medications. Most are fine. But, please let us know what medications you are to take along during you visit.

A: Yes, Myanmar is the safest country in the Southeast Asia for the travelers. No pick pockets, no kidnapping and we hardly heard any kindof disturbances to tourists in Myanmar. Nepotism in media, exacerbated by higher technology in communication, had made Myanmar a county of repugnant and repressive. A theory can’t be proved, however, without experiencing it. An empirical finding is of most importance in those days. Truth will come at the very first moment when you step on a landof unexplored. Welcome to Myanmar.

A: It is not needed as most of the toursit attractions are non-Malaria zone. It is recommended if you are going to the remote areas such as to the Northern Mountains & Southern Archipelago. But, “Prevention is better.” as the saying goes. You may bring in should that is not a burden to you.

A: Meals would be a mixed at local restaurants and hotels. As rice is the staple food in Myanamar, it is accompanied with a couple of main/side dishes. So, it will be Myanmar rice and curry! But, should you feel like to taste western restarunt, you can enjoy nearly at all the tourist cities.

A: Your mobile WON’T work in Myanmar. You may bring in but it will be nothing more than a calculator and camera.

A: It is!! Yangon, the capital of Myanmar, is hosting a number of Cyber Cafes whilst other major tourist destinations have fewer places for you to surf. However, freemail server like yahoo or msn may not work.

A: Should you have some times (perhaps months) in advance to prepare and read more about Myanmar from travel resources, you can work it out independently. But, you are not expected to have all the latest information and best services. Suggest to contact a professional and registered local travel agent. It will definitely safe your time, energy, and resources after all.

A: With very good language plus service-minded and knowledgeable guides are provided. But, you shouldn’t expect he/she is a professor for a certain academic discipline and know all the corners of the world. On the other hand, we guarantee that you will be imparted thoroughly what Myanmar is with the help of your local guides enlightening to see the overall picture on Myanmar. English speaking guides are available at each destination and it is not really necessary to take along with you for an English speaking tour guide. However, for all other language guides such as French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russia, it is necessary to take along throughout the journey.

A: We clearly mention in our proposal for the services we include and exclude. There will be no hidden cost!

A: Credit cards DO NOT work in Myanmar though there are some very limited hotels, souvenir shops, restaurants accept in Yangon. So, make sure to bring enough cash (U$$ is preferred throughout the country) during your stay.

A: We do believe in paying locally facilitates the flow of funds into the country. Therefore, the preferred method of payment is USD cash upon arrival in Yangon. One of our staff will collect the payment with an official invoice from 7Days along with a receipt after the payment has done. However, as a last resort if you are not convenient to bring cash, we do accept by bank transfer. We will refer the bank details after your confirmation.

A: The earlier the better, of course, especially for the high season booking (Oct to April). Some tours are booked nearly one year ahead. It couldn’t make to be with the best guide, best rooms at your choice of hotels, should the tour is booked in the last minute. But, we always try to figure out the best possible alternative and option depending on your travel period and set-up budget. Do not hesitate to contact us in the earliest advance!

A: Oct to April is the high season, with the ending of Monsoon, and most travelers visit Myanmar in the period. Nevertheless, Monsoon (May to September) has her own beauty with Myanmar.