Myanmar (Burma), yours to explore

Culture is the pulsating vein of Myanmar that attracts the travelers around the globe. Centuries old monuments, whose origin was India, spread on the soil of Myanmar. Geographically, Myanmar is a country sandwiched between the two great civilizations – China & India. But, Myanmar stood and is standing out between these two nations at the beginning of her establishment. Like other countries’ history, the fate and fortune of Myanmar is full of ups and downs, rise and fall.A capital was established, overthrown by its successor, move another place, fall of a dynasty, emergence of a charisma, unified scattered villages, establishment of a new capital, succeeded by its descendant, a coup, a new establishment and again and again….. Yes, Myanmar history goes in a CIRLCE with the establishment of many new capitals. It is to those capitals travelers visited and learnt the cultural aspects of Myanmar.




Inle Lake


4Day Legend of Golden Rock


Inle Lake

Natmataung - Mt.Victoria

Mergui Archipelago

Mrauk U